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Ten Commandments project almost complete

The Ten Commandments monument outside of Central Baptist Church is about two-thirds complete.

On Wednesday, the church saw the two tablets listing the Ten Commandments go up. Pastor Keith Miles said "it's a great feeling." The monument is also part of Conner Sasseen's Eagle Scout service learning project.

"I was recently at a banquet for Boy Scouts," Miles said. "... They were showing (the project) on the screens. And at the end of the banquet, I had people coming up to me saying, 'We were just wondering what in the world you were doing over there. Now we know.' Now when they pass by they will really know because there will be (tablets) there. We're real excited."

Sasseen will be a senior at Lawton Christian High School and is a member of Boy Scout Troop 176. His portion of the Ten Commandments project was rebuilding the church's 4-foot concrete retaining wall on the west side of the church. The monument is being constructed by professionals, but will be installed in front of the wall. Sasseen and the church both raised funds for the project and then broke ground in October 2016. First to go up was the wall and the church congregation, along with Sasseen and local Boy Scouts, assembled the wall.

"When you get people involved together, it pulls them together to know each other better," Miles said. "That was one of the things I thought was really refreshing. Of course, Conner had some of the Boy Scouts in town working with him, which is good too because they're involved in a Boy Scout project, so everybody got blessed."

Now that the Ten Commandments monuments are up, the project is nearly finished. According to Miles, all that's left is to add the scripture reference stone of Exodus 20, mosaic the pillars with rocks, add a roof over the tablets, install lights, and plant shrubbery. Miles said the church hopes to have the project finished by the middle of June and will commemorate the project with a dedication ceremony.

"I'm a pilot and one of our members here has a plane, so we go flying sometimes. And when you land on the south runway, coming into the Lawton Municipal Airport, that's what you see  you see the Ten Commandments out in front of you," Miles said. "So hopefully it will be a reminder to people that these are important. My thing about the Ten Commandments is, of course, they're spiritual, they're moral but most of the laws we have are built on the Ten Commandments. And so they're both spiritual and historical. We built it so it will be here a long time. Hopefully our young people who have children and then grandchildren will be able to tell them what they did and it's still here. It's been quite an undertaking but we're about there."

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