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Students at St. Mary's learn to cook, shoot arrows at camp

Many students at St. Mary's Catholic School didn't take the summer off from learning.

For the first time, the school offered a Summer Fest, two one-week sessions on learning and fun that wrapped up on Friday.

Nine classes were available for students to take advantage of: Fun Factory, Creative Crafts, Sci-Fi for Small Fry, Math Mania, Drama Queens and Kings, Fantastic Favorites, The Artistic Flair, Aim and Shoot, and Cooking with Class.

Kids 8-13 participated in the Summer Fest and learned everything from archery to cooking to math the fun way. 

In the cooking class, instructor Laura Landoll and helper Connie Thibodeau taught cooking techniques, gave nutritional information and taught table manners and table-setting skills. Bonuses for the kids were that they got to decorate their own aprons and eat their own cooking. 

There were 14 students in the class on Tuesday, and they baked chocolate chip cookies and fried hamburgers. Most of the students help at home with the cooking and were excited to learn how to cook different things.

"I like to help my mom cook at home," Cameron Atchley said. "I like to cook."

"We get to have fun and learn how to cook different things," Lucas Ferrero said. "I have cooked before with my mom and my favorite thing to cook is macaroni and cheese."

Isaac Daragoza said that it was his first time in the kitchen. "I am enjoying this," he said. "I hope I can cook at home now."

Travin Shelton, who will be in third grade this year, said he helps Mom with the cooking at home.

"My favorite dish to make is tuna pasta," he said with a big smile.

Mary-Beth Rendina-Brown will be going into fourth grade this year.

"I help mom in the kitchen a lot," she said. "My favorite meal to help her with is fried chicken."

First- and second-graders were dancing to a video and seemed to be enjoying the activity after a snack.

Moving on to the gym, an archery class was being conducted, with Matthew Landoll and Troy Angel teaching 11 kids about archery and, foremost, about safety.

Several students said they enjoy the class. Andrew Benke is 12 years old and will be in the seventh grade this year. 

"I have taken archery for two years now," Benke said. "I practice at home and have won awards in archery."

Brandon Johnson, who is 11 and will be in the sixth grade this year, said "I like it. I like the accuracy of the arrows when you shoot them."

In another room, a play was being acted out. Instructor Rhonda Rock read to the kids and they read back what she had read, and all would play different characters from the book they all read. 

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