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The Rev. Terry Basham II, pastor at Bethel Baptist Church, packs up a few of the 1,000 tracts or small religious pamphlets ordered by other Baptist churches,.....

Bethel church resurrects publication of 'Watchman'

The pastor at Bethel Baptist Church has taken up the gauntlet and the first "The Baptist Watchman" newspaper was published in January after a hiatus of almost eight years.

"The Baptist Watchman," the creation of former Pastor Forrest Keener, was published monthly from 1975 to May 2006. The small newspaper, designed to contain religious articles and thoughts about Bible passages as well as church issues, was at the time being sent to churches around the U.S. and other places in the world.

In 2006, during the time that Pastor Dean Robinson led the church "the 'print master,' a member of the congregation who printed the paper, left the church and 'The Baptist Watchman' lay dormant," said the Rev. Terry Basham II, pastor of Bethel since April 2013.

"I'm sure that Pastor Robinson tried to start it up again, but it must have been overwhelming," he said, adding that in the almost eight years since the print master quit, technology has changed significantly making it a lot easier to print a publication.

"You can on-demand print now for just pennies," Basham said.

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