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Writers hold slim tourney contest lead

Well, on Wisconsin.

That's what it has come to. With just just two rounds left in the NCAA Tournament, Team Constitution can no longer root for Kentucky to win.

We needed to go into this weekend up at least 200 points to ensure a tie, and while we did up our lead from the last week's update, we're only up 100 points on KSWO.

The standings going into the Final Four: Constitution 2,190, KSWO 2,090 and Coaches 2,005.

There are only three scenarios left: If Kentucky wins, KSWO wins the challenge, if Kentucky falls to Duke it's a tie between KSWO and us, and if Wisconsin just beats Kentucky, we win.

It's going to be a tight finish, but the worst part about it is I cannot fully support Kentucky. Don't get me wrong, I'm not a Kentucky fan, I'm an Arkansas fan, and while SEC fans will root for other SEC teams in football championship games, that doesn't really happen in basketball.

I'm rooting for the Wildcats just to see something special: an undefeated season. I want it to happen, but now I can't allow myself to do it. We want to win this challenge after coming up short the past two seasons.

So, on Wisconsin.

Let's see how we got here:

TEAM COACHES: For all the grief we gave Lawton High girls coach Marco Gagliardi for his bracket, he was the only person to have Michigan State in the Final Four. He ended up getting three Final Four teams correct. Great call there, but he still picked two 16-seeds to win.

Eisenhower girls coach Shawn DeIorio's chalk bracket has turned out to be the best for the coaches at 370 points, but he lost Villanova in Round 2 and could be overtaken by MacArthur boys coach Kevin Harrington if Duke wins.

Mac girls coach Danny Garza entered last weekend with all four of his Final Four teams alive. He escaped the weekend with just one. If he had gotten all four of his, the coaches would probably be in the lead. Tough break.

Ike boys coaches Bruce Harrington and Todd Millwee each got two Final Four teams correct.

The coaches cannot do better than third. We appreciate their entries, maybe next year.

TEAM KSWO: The synergism at the TV station has paid off. The broadcasters are right where they want to be. As stated above, it all comes down to Kentucky winning the title. If the 'Cats pull it off, it will be two wins for KSWO in this challenge against us in three years.

Lauren Halvorson continues to shoulder the load for TVers. She's in second place overall in this challenge with 410 points. She came so close to getting all four Final Four teams, but Louisville's gag-job against MSU stifled it. Her problem is she also had the Cardinals in the finals.

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