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The world's imperfect, and so are moms – even this one

I remember when the kids were little and they were sick, I'd take them to the doctor at the first sign of trouble. I knew other families who didn't really believe in doctors, but when mine were babies, especially, I'd get anxious. Their fevers would get so high, so fast. Still, I always felt a little like I was overreacting, and I am certain there were times that I did.
So when my oldest was about 4, she got a cough and a cold, and I decided to wait it out. And she didn't get better. When I finally took her to the doctor, she had pneumonia.
And that's what you get for thinking.
The years pass, and those times become a blur. We haven't been to the pediatrician for years. So a few weeks ago my youngest got sick, and by now I am a seasoned veteran when it comes to a cold and fever. And I know my girl; when this kid gets sick, she goes down and stays down. I'm used to it, and I was armed with good food, Advil, some movies and plenty of time. Finally, on the third day, as I was dosing her up, she said, "Mom can I have some REAL medicine?"
Which sort of reminded me that the standard procedure in cases like this is to take your kid to the doctor, which frankly hadn't even crossed my mind. And apparently she was pretty sick. I took her in, and she had a raging case of the flu.
And NO, she didn't get a flu shot. Neither of my kids did this year. But guess what? I did. Yes, I am practicing the Airplane Method of child-rearing: Take care of Mama first.
So maybe I won't get the Mother of The Year Award. Again. I get that. All we can do is try our best and be certain that at times we are going to miss something.
There are a hundred stories like that. Like when my oldest broke her arm the day before we were going away on a cruise, leaving the kids behind with grandparents. Or the time I had to work and missed her first soccer game. Or when she was going to prom and I was leaving town to take a trip to Mexico.
Now that I think of it, that poor first kid has really taken a beating. I'll have to remind the youngest about all this next time she tells me how much worse off she is than her older sister. The older one may or may not be damaged for life. It is too soon to tell.
Mom Tip No. 438: When planning any trip, make sure the entire school schedule is written on your calendar, then make sure you've researched the following dates: Big Rival Football Games. Homecoming. Homecoming Assembly. Every studio dance competition. Every school dance competition. Every home football game. Every home basketball game. Every pep rally. Dance tryouts, and the two meetings preceding them. Prom. School talent show. Senior Assembly Day. Those random team bonding events that parents can attend. Dance camp. Orientations. Throw in a few good old unexpected chronic illnesses, and you've got a calendar filled with a lot of You Ain't Going Nowhere.
The best thing to do is to never plan a trip.
So the moral to this story? There isn't one. It is an imperfect world and I'm right in the middle of it.
Striving for the Imperfect Mother of the Year Award. I think I might really have a chance.

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