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Weather, planting are a part of spring

The spring rains have been nice, and everything is starting to look lush and green. This is Oklahoma's narrow window when it is deceptively pleasant, just before the mosquitoes and brutal heat and humidity press down upon us, though the wind has been slapping us silly for weeks now.

So far we've avoided severe weather, but the Eyes on the Sky are quick to warn of its imminence. Oklahomans are a rare breed of equal parts fearless about weather and doomsday preparers. I get a little concerned for the local economy when possible severe storms are predicted (though I'm certainly not suggesting ignoring the warnings), but I do feel they potentially scare the community into hunkering down, which tends to shut half the town down as well. However, I imagine the grocery stores welcome that kind of talk, since we tend to roll through like a plague of locusts before a storm, leaving the beer and produce bins empty for the next guy.

I've got an extra-large case of spring fever this year and have made my way through the nurseries and started planting flower pots. The early superstars are wave petunias, always showy and extremely hardy. I bought some columbine, as I have before, and the outcome is already looking a bit bleak. I just don't have a good shady bed like I wish I did.

I always overwinter a few plants in the garage, and two weeks ago I pulled them out and was giving them some attention. I was repotting a cactus when I put my hands in the dirt and felt something scratchy. Fool that I am, I touched it again and it breathed at me. It was a big frog, buried in the dirt.

I was in the front yard and jumped up and screamed like my hair was on fire. I looked up and down my street, and no one seemed at all concerned as to whether my hair was on fire or not. I'm embarrassed to say that after that, I dumped the dirt on the ground, and when the frog jumped off I screamed again; and again, no one cared.

That was an exciting day.

Anyway, after I finished, I was very pleased with my beautiful flower pots. There is something about pretty flowers on your porch that makes you feel like you've got your life together. It might be chaos inside, but it's nice to look good on the outside. Kind of like life.

Speaking of chaos, this time of year certainly is. Next month, one kid graduates college and one kid moves back home. Rather, her stuff moves back home. She, on the other hand, is going somewhere else for the summer.  

I have completely given up hope for organizing my house and am resigned that it will not happen before the year 2020.

Easter has come and gone, and the bunny made a half-hearted attempt at a visit, but only in the late form of cupcakes and a couple of $20 bills. The Easter Bunny knows, just like I do, that money is what these kids need, more than chocolate bunnies. Still, there were jelly beans and chocolate candy at my work, so I made up for their absence at home by grazing all day long until I felt sick and people starting looking at me funny.

Hectic or not, these are good times. We need to enjoy the simple pleasures while we can.

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