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Territory offers beauty, tough challenge for even best golfers

It's no secret that we here in the Constitution sports department love the game of golf. We watch, cover, talk and play (using that word very loosely) the sport.

That's why I would like to invite you into what I'm calling "Fortunate Golf Week."

I say golf week because I'm playing at least three times this week, and I say fortunate because the three rounds will be played at some of the best courses the state has to offer. So basically "fortunate" means "lucky."

Fortunate Golf Week kicked off Sunday at the crown jewel golf course of Southwest Oklahoma: The Territory in Duncan.

Last year, you might recall we had a seven-part series on the golf courses around the area and how they dealt with and were rebounding from the deepest part of the drought. Most of the owners and general managers of the courses were eager to show off their courses so we could let our readers know what they had to offer. 

The Territory extended an offer to Tyler Palmateer and myself last July, leaving us excited to say the least. 

We decided to wait for the mercury to drop, but we got too busy with football and by the time we weren't so busy anymore, it wasn't golf season. Fast forward to the end of the 2013-14 school year (when things slow down for us), and we decided it was time to try and play out there.

And because yours truly was involved, we hit a road block. Jeff Tyrrell was the gentleman who extended us the offer to play when we went out there to do our stories. Some time between our meeting and us finally having time to play, Tyrrell got a job elsewhere.

Luckily, new (to us) General Manager Tim Johnson honored our offer and we finally made our trek out there with our sticks.

It was well worth the wait, except I forgot and left my game at home.

First off, The Territory is absolutely beautiful. The rolling hills, the grass, Stagestand Creek bisecting holes; all of it is beautiful. If not for the native prairie grass  and there's a lot of it  you could be forgiven for forgetting what part of the world you're in.

It was in the best possible condition for the July heat and recent lack of rain. The fairways were springy and rolled the ball well. The rough was thick in places and forgiving in others. The greens were mostly immaculate, but were showing signs of distress from the summer. That's normal here, though.

When Tyrrell gave us a tour last year, I remember thinking it was going to be tough even with my A-game.

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