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Tell your children to choose greatness

When your kids go off to college, if they're not careful, they might learn a thing or two.

Sure, there's biology, statistics and sistory. And Spanish. Still more Spanish.

A side note ... Spanish is the class that, over the years, almost did both of my kids in, a fact that I find wildly ironic since I figured they would be born with a second language ability, given their heritage. But that's just me thinking, and no, I am not a college graduate and did not have to take years of Spanish, so what do I know?

Some of them learn to drink, and rather well, I might add. Oh, the stories you hear. I shudder to think of the stories we don't hear.

They learn a little about laundry, though every trip home brings a bag of dirty clothes with it, left carelessly on the floor by the washer, where Mom may or may not get it started and sometimes get it finished.

They learn they really miss the food at home that was once taken for granted. You'll be surprised at the comments praising the same food you could barely get them to eat, food they may have once grumbled about from time to time.

And the pets? Again, that same dog that barely got the time of day from your kid has now been elevated to a higher status. There's talk of taking her with her someday, which for a parent is kind of like winning the lottery. Go ahead, take that dog. Let her throw up on YOUR carpet for awhile, and wake YOU up every morning at 6:30 to relieve her little tiny tank.

Just kidding. Kind of. Actually, it depends on which dog we're talking about.

But a cool thing to watch is the evolution of the social consciousness that just wasn't there before, or at least barely forming, in this sheltered environment we give them at home. While some of the events in the news are reprehensible, and even tragic in their repercussions, it is that individual's opportunity to stand up and take a place in history like so many before them.

The latest racial event at the University of Oklahoma campus has the entire nation watching and, of course, is far bigger than a bunch of dumb kids on a party bus singing a song that degrades an entire race and glorifies lynching. While it may clearly divide the student body, it is important to let it be known which side you will end up on.

So my advice to my kid, and to others, is to not let fear stand in your way of speaking out against what's wrong. Have faith in the system where your voice will make a difference. Sure, be careful, but don't be so careful that you miss this chance to be a part of such an important event in history.

In the words of Shakespeare: "Be not afraid of greatness. Some are born great, some achieve greatness, and others have greatness thrust upon them. " It is important to stand on the side of greatness when the opposing side is so clearly ignorant and evil in its actions and beliefs.

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