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Summer gives family chance to complete purge of girls' items

A feeble attempt at a Massive Purge has begun, though the wheels of progress are turning slowly.

The house is in an above-average state of disarray since the girls moved their stuff home for college. Note that I say "stuff" and not "they moved home from college." One girl literally turned around and left for the summer after leaving all her belongings behind.

And the other, the College Grad is getting ready to relocate for a new job, so there are piles everywhere. I'm just a little stressed that her last-ditch lazy time is in direct conflict with all the things that need to get done before move-out day. More on that wildly exciting turn of events in a minute.

So where before we were overrun with Stuff, now we are busting at the seams. That last run of middle school attire, backpacks and schoolbooks is piled up with no place to go, but it needs to go, and it needs to go NOW. That and all the frivolous little trinkets that have zero sentimental value need to go with it.

There has been an effort ... my oldest has helped with a social media sale that, while she had tremendous success doing that in her college town, has had a slow start here, probably because most of this Stuff isn't especially cool, despite the fact that we kind of think it is.

In the process, I cleared out my pantry in a big way the other day, thinking I would donate much of the canned goods I no longer need since cooking for one middle-aged lady who needs to watch her calories is way different than cooking for me and two hungry teenagers.

Thankfully I checked the expiration date before I poisoned someone. The earliest expiration date I found was 2010, and I'm ashamed to say that at least half of what I tossed out went back over five years.

Now my pantry at least is clutter free, though I need to follow up again soon, or else make a huge pot of pasta. For some reason, I am overrun with noodles and chicken stock.

Anyway, I hate to say it, but it is a fact that I can't wait for these kids to get their Stuff and get out. My nesting urge has been in neutral for too long, and I am ready to reclaim my house and do what I want with their old space.

Truthfully, the kids are welcome to stay, but their Stuff ... another story.

So, YES, there is a move on the near horizon to relocate my oldest to her Grownup Life where she will make HER OWN MONEY and possibly no longer need any of mine. I tell you this, while I have my usual neurotic mix of feelings and emotions about it, it is also a little bit like winning the lottery. I'm not sure who is more excited, me or her.

The Purge must go on, or I will lose my mind. Unfortunately, life and limited energy are getting in the way. I'm trying to keep my perspective and remember this mess didn't happen overnight, so it'll take a good minute to get my life back on track.

Wait. Does life ever really get on track? I feel like I've been waiting for a very long time.

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