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Sports scene on west coast different world

Somebody sang once about getting off an L.A. Freeway, wondering if it could be done.

After a week's vacation in Southern California, I can confirm that, it indeed can be done. In due time, of course. 

I spent roughly four hours making two 50-something mile trips between my families home near the California coast and Los Angeles International Airport during my week-long sabbatical in California last week. 

Which, to me, is a fair price to pay for the beach, the mountains, the weather and everything else Southern California has to offer.

Sports included. 

Even with everything L.A. has going on away from the sports scene, the Lakers, the Clippers, the Dodgers and for now the Los Angeles Kings are never far from the mainstream. 

With the Kings on the cusp of a Stanley Cup Title last week, it was hard to go anywhere hockey fever wasn't in full affect. The night we ventured out to a local establishment, it was the night of Game 4 of the Cup. The place was packed and everyone, except for me probably, was crazy about the game and the Kings. And even though the Kings lost that night, the enthusiasm was hardly tempered. 

With the title back in Los Angeles for the second time in three seasons after the Kings finished off the New York Rangers in Game 5 a couple nights later, I don't think it's fair to call Los Angeles Hockeytown, but it has its place there. 

But it pales in comparison to the excitement over the World Cup. So-Cal's a cultural melting pot of epic proportions and it's never more evident than when the World Cup is in season. If a game was on somewhere, United States or otherwise, people were there to watch. The U.S. had the best best support everywhere I went, but name any of the other 31 nations taking part and they have supporters there, too, even if I didn't see them. 

I can't think of a better place to host the World Cup, honestly. The rest of the world deserves its shot, too, but an L.A.-New York rotation every four years would work for me.  

That's coming from someone who knows nothing about soccer and mostly likes it that way, so it's probably best to ignore my musings on the subject. 

The Dodgers, obviously, are a big deal there and the Angels are too, to a lesser degree. I watched a couple of innings of a Dodgers-Diamondbacks game on T.V. Normally baseball on television, especially MLB, is a no-go for me. At the game it's great, but otherwise not. 

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