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Sebastian Delarosa is going places.

Sporting a 30 on his ACT and drawing interest from schools like Villanova, Rutgers, Ohio State and Miami, Delarosa has a bright future ahead of him. 

Right now, though, his focus is on something a bit more immediate: getting Eisenhower football its first win this season.

The Eagles had a great chance last week leading 34-30 in the fourth quarter, but Enid sandwiched two scores around an Ike interception to steal a 44-41 win at Cameron Stadium last Friday.

The scene after the game was tough sight for Ike and its seniors.

"It was tough. Last week was by far the best game we've played. We were so close to getting that (win) that would've started some momentum to get into the playoffs," Delarosa said. "Just losing that game was almost backbreaking. It was pretty solemn (in the locker room). It was sad. There were a lot of emotions like anger and sorrow."

It was, by far, the toughest of Ike's eight losses this season. With just two games left, the Eagles have to find a way to keep fighting. With making the playoffs officially off the board, Delarosa has an idea to spur on his teammates.

"Let's spoil somebody else's season. Let's wreck their playoff chances," he said. "We're done, but other people aren't and we can fix that."

It's just another of a long list of examples of how Delarosa helps the team. The senior wide receiver doesn't get to play much, but he does everything he can do to help the team win.

"He's a young man that is willing to give. He works hard and gives great effort," Ike head coach Danny Edelman said. "He's maybe the most unselfish young man I've ever been around. If there's one kid on this team that understands teamwork and what it means to pull together and do your part, it's him."

Being a mainly scout team player is a rough job, but the scout team is one of the most prized possessions for teams. It helps the starting offense or defense learn what the other team is going to do. Delarosa plays on both scout team defense and offense.

"At practice, I hope to make my teammates better for Friday nights. I help them learn their coverages when they're practicing defense," he said. "I'm there for them emotionally. It's a team sport and we want to be part of the one family ideal. We just help each other along the way and I like to be a part of that."

Off the gridiron is where Delarosa really shines. On Friday, he was named a National Merit Hispanic Scholar, something that is handed out to only 2.5 percent of the Hispanic test-taking population.

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