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Perry in spotlight again after 11th 300 game

Dale Perry is back in the limelight and getting his digs in with yet one more Honors score before the 2013-2014 bowling season officially ends on this coming Thursday.

Bowling in the Entertainers league a week ago last Wednesday, Dale had games of 190 and 198 that were filled with corner pins but when the carry came his way in game three, he could do no wrong and posted his 11th career USBC certified perfect 300 game.

Dale has had a sensational season to say the least. This 300 game was his sixth of the season giving him an overall total of 12 Honors including an 800 series, quite a list for Bowler of the Year assessment.

Dale had another super day on the lanes last Monday while bowling in the Socialites, Summer No-tap league.

After starting with a no-tap 300 score Dale rolled a 252 game and then proceeded to throw twelve natural strikes in game three.  Unfortunately, he will not be able to claim any bowler of the year points for his all-natural 300 game, as the league is not USBC certified.

Johnson rolls 300in Adult/Youth

Lil Johnson added another perfect 300 game to her resume this week, sighting all the practice, tournament and league games that she has rolled lately finally paid off.

As you will recall, Lil has been on the tournament trail quite a bit this summer and just this past week, landed in the third leg of the Triple Crown effort, the USBC Senior Women's Open tournament, held at Cherry Bowl in Rockford, Ill.

Before Lil took off this time, however, she in attendance in the Adult/Youth league at Thunderbird Lanes and bowled two sets on this particular night.

The first was the regular session, the second was a pre-bowl for last Monday and that is when it all fell together.

Lil had games of 268 and 219 going into game three where it was nothing but strikes for her 11th career competition 300, giving her a super 787 for series.

Lil's quest at the Women's Senior Open netted her an 8th place finish after what she described as the most challenging lane condition that she has bowled on in a very long time.

Lil said that she tried to stay clean, make her spares and do whatever it took to make the cut.  "I was sitting in 10th place after the first two days but managed to squeeze out an 8th place seat to make the finals," Lil said.

Lil had too much ground to make up on the unforgiving conditions and finished in the same spot but nonetheless, congratulations are in order for a job well done.

League highlights

Mark Hill continued his reign in the Scratch Trio league posting 226, 268 and 267 for a high first three series of 761.  Mark added a 248 to post the league's first 1000 of the season of 1009.

Tom Scott sandwiched a 279 between games of 224 and 228 for a second best 731 followed by gal-pal Amanda McGlinn who shot 264, 237 and 227 for a 728.

The Trio players may have enjoyed the challenges of the difficult 'Blue' oil pattern that they bowled the first part of the season on but Secretary Richard Jacoby said that he saw a lot happier bowlers with the house shot back on the lanes.

Besides Lil Johnson's phenomenal bowling in the Adult-Youth, Tim Scott put together a 738 on games of 279, 249 and 210 and Richard Brown rolled a 720 series on games of 236, 279 and 205.

Adult-Youth Secretary Roger Hanley also found the groove and ended the night with a 288 game after stringing together the front 10 strikes.

Mitch Hill was at the top of the Turtle leagues standings with a 726 series on games of 223, 254 and 249 while little brother Kellan dominated in the Trio combo with a 704 thanks to a 266 closer.

Chris Reser put the Retro Rollers in the news with a 712 series on games of 202, 242 and 268 and Andrew Petering rolled 207, 237 and 266 to lead the way in the Roudy Bunch with a 710 series.

Making a comeback after several years of not bowling at all, Gary Hill, who was once one of the area's star performers, is back in action and came up just shy of that 700 marker with a 699 in the Roudy Bunch on games of 257, 176 and 266.

Senior bowling

Janet Hartman was the high roller in the Senior No-Tap Colorama at Thunderbird Lanes last Friday afternoon, posting a tournament high 873 series to take the win in the women's division.

Shirley Hanley came in second for the women with a 783 while hubby Roger Hanley was the high roller in the men's division with an 848.

Sam Bowman was just twenty sticks back with an 828 for the second place prize.

Marianne Hartley and Gary Hill combined scores to win game one in the Mystery Doubles side pot with a 527.

Jerry Hill and Roger Hanley won game two with a 508 and Janet Hartman and Dee Atauvich won game three with a 588.

Gary Hill, Dee Atauvich and Randy Standridge were all Strike pot winners and no-tap 300 games went on the board for Janet Hartman and Roger Hanley.

The next Senior No-Tap Colorama will be held this coming Friday, August 1st at Thunderbird Lanes starting at 1 p.m.

Youth bowling

Toni Chase led youth bowlers with a 637 series bowling in the T-Bird Summer Youth league last Saturday morning.  Toni had games of 188, 200 and 249, shooting off a highly improved 186 average, for just his second season as a league bowler.

In the bumper group, Iyauna Cacho shot an all time high game of 64 and Savannah Baughman was consistent with back to back games of 76.

Britney Brown and Jimmy Bomboy followed on the Honor Roll with 627 and 621 respectively with scores pre-bowled for the Adult/Youth league. 

Strain wins TBirdSenior Singles

Twenty-four men and six women were in the lineup for last weekends Senior 6-game Singles event at Thunderbird Lanes where SASBA bowler Ken Strain edged out the competition to win in the overall with a 1466 total scratch score.

Ironically, the bowlers finished in the exact order after qualifying and the stair-step finals.

Dennis Jameson came in just behind Strain with a 1431 followed by Bruce Flack, 1383, Steve Jester, 1357, Eric Collins, 1356 and Bill Kaplan, 1337.

Lisa Tipton was the winner of the guaranteed women's spot, averaging right at 200 for the day and posting a 1306 total score with handicap.

The winners in the high game and totals side action were Bill Kaplan with a 258 in game one, Lisa Tipton with a 261 for game two and Dennis Jameson rolled a 269 for the highest game three score that gave him the high series for the first three games of 748.

Jim Fowler rolled the tournament high game of 289 for the high game in the fourth, and had Steve Jester paid to play he would have won game five with a 279 but instead, the inevitable tournament champ, Ken Strain, took the spot with a 255.

Doug Trimpey rolled a 266 for the high game prize in the sixth and Strain took totals with a 759 for games four, five and six.

The next tournament is slated for Aug. 17.  Contact Richard Jacoby at 353-3937 for additional details.

PBA Regional winds down today

The Fifth Annual PBA Southwest Region Fort Sill Open will crown a champion this afternoon at Twin Oaks Bowling Center. Will it be a returning champion, a hometown favorite or perhaps one of the many National touring Pro's to earn this year's title?

That question will be answered later today but first, the top 1/3 of the field with the highest eight game qualifying score returned this morning for 5 additional games and the last chance at making the top 16 for the bracket match play finals.

Spectators are welcome and invited to come out, pick a favorite and cheer on these champions as they take on the PBA Viper Oil pattern.

You will not want to miss a minute of the action that begins at 8:30 this morning.  There is not an exact time for the finals so come early and make a day of it.

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