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New LPS superintendent needs to be more involved in extracurricular activities

While sports has been my focus for more than 47 years on this desk, there is no doubt that providing students a great education is the priority for any school system.

However, extra-curricular activities are the reason many students focus better in the classroom because they love playing sports, being involved in band or choir, speech or academic teams.

I’ve probably interviewed as many high school athletes as any sports writer I can mention and many of those athletes said they were in school and doing well so they could play sports.

Sure, most of those had a dream of playing sports to get a college scholarship but many of those just loved being a part of a team.

The Lawton Public Schools is at a crossroads and many of us feel that athletics and extra-curricular activities haven’t been getting the attention they deserved.

The most amazing thing to me is that two bright young Lawton High School assistant coaches left a powerhouse 6A program to go to Elgin, knowing that the Elgin program is on the rise and the administration is making that possible.

I’ve been told that a policy to turn the football class into an after-school program was at the heart of the reason for those two young coaches – both who were LHS grads – to bolt from the school.

I’ve had other coaching friends around the state tell me that if Lawton had gone to that policy, it would have been the only large school in the state to have such a policy.

Was that policy the reason Eisenhower’s first coaching hire bolted after just a couple of weeks on the job? I had former Ike coaches tell me that was indeed the case.

I’ve been told that because of the departure of the past superintendent, that policy and most other changes are on hold for the time being. 

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