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Mom brings nesting urge to daughter's home

I've been remiss lately but, as usual, it's not my fault. It's my oldest's.

This girl graduated college, got a job and moved three hours away. I've mentioned that before, and I may have thrown about the term "won the lottery" or "elated" to describe how I feel about it, but of course there's another side to the story.

As in, I can't talk much about it.

Last time I said "I can't talk about it," someone kept pressing me until I snapped like a twig and blubbered tears all over the place. Perhaps I am a typical female in that there is an inherent flaw in my nature that causes me to get all sentimental and sad about something that should simply be a joyful occasion. But of course, women and life are both much more complicated than we should be.

For starters, the move was a massive undertaking. We moved her from the house here, had to swing by her college town for the big stuff  which was still at the rent house  then U-Hauled it across the state where we met Two Fellas and a Truck to unload the truck and haul it all upstairs.

Those Two Fellas did a great job but, frankly, I never saw their truck, and they barely brought a dolly, but I don't want to be negative. They got the job done. Moving is such a whirlwind we're just lucky we got it all done without too many tears or a huge mishap.

Preparation for this move was another Mama in Overdrive situation. My girl wanted some house plants, so it became my mission to accommodate her. We scoured half the state looking for the right plant with the right pot and spent many hours in the sweltering garage potting and repotting plants, including a 4-foot-high prickly cactus that was a ton of fun to pot and then move across the state. Incidentally, now her little apartment looks like a rain forest.

Another mission was to cook her favorite foods to fill her freezer. That's always been a thing, but let's just say this girl will never go hungry.

Then, once we got to the apartment, I went a little crazy in my efforts to help make everything perfect for her. That sentence alone should have rung the alarm bell in my head as I said it to myself when I was there. My vicarious nesting urge hit me like a tidal wave and the hunt was on for the random item or two she needed (I keep wanting to say WE needed … what does that tell you?), plus a SuperStore trip that was one for the record books.

I moved away from home at a very early age. I may have had a bed, and somewhere along the way I acquired a couch, but there wasn't much more, and it was splendid. Maybe my expectations were low to non-existent, but what is it about this material world we live in today where we need everything to be perfect?

Again, there is also the Crazy Mama in the mix, who is having a hard time with this whole independence thing. Sure, it is a blessing that she is gainfully employed and able to stand on her own (IS SHE REALLY??), but knowing that my girl is moving away for good is a tough pill to swallow. The realization that from now on when she comes home it will be for a visit only is slightly mind-boggling.

Every stage with your kids has its own dynamic, its own place in time and history. They're all big, but this one felt monumental.

There. I've talked about it.

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