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Modern words causes confusion in ways that hide negative speech

Especially among the younger generation, there is a new lingo out there that waters down conversation and can cloud issues, although in a warm and fuzzy way. Most of us are leaning toward this new way of speaking, and I am a major culprit, so before you call me out on it, let me just say: I know.

I'm not sure, but I think it all started with the overuse of the word "like." Any young person from adolescence to their 20s typically uses that word on the daily, almost as often as Donald Trump tweets. Which is, like, a lot.

Then came the words that soften and confuse intent, not to mention just taking up verbal space in the universe. Words like ... I think ... maybe ... I'm not sure but (used by myself in the previous paragraph) ... probably ... and so on. It is a noncommittal hedging of the bet, a CYA in communication, so to speak. (Pun intended.)

As in: "I'm not sure, but I think maybe that certain English scholars are rolling over in their, like, graves because nobody knows for sure exactly where I'm landing on this topic."

Again, I am guilty of this practice. After many years of being in management and labeled as rude (another liberty with a word  rude is the polite version), I have learned to merely suggest rather than command, at least most of the time. So, instead of saying "you need to do this," I might say "you might want to do this." Which works fine, except when I am taken literally and they opt not to heed my suggestion. At that point I can easily revert to command status. I can handle it, just not sure they can.

I attended a seminar on conscious and subconscious language recently and, while it was pretty in-depth, the simple gist was that your subconscious listens at a higher speed and more literally and efficiently than your conscious self. So all this fluffy language can confuse your subconscious and waste precious time and energy.

On that note, negative thoughts and speech are also very detrimental to your spirit, as the subconscious hears, processes and believes you at a rapid rate, letting that negativity settle in and work its poison on your soul.

OK, yes ... full disclosure: It was a yoga conference and I am a bit of hippie.

So anyway, there is no denying that negativity and negative thoughts and speech are harmful and stay with you. The female gender is likely more guilty of this than men, although men certainly have their issues. Most little girls grow up obsessed with their appearance and weight and will typically take any compliment received, only to tell you how you are wrong to say it.

How many of us look at ourselves in the mirror and express some sort of negative thought, whether it is out loud or to ourselves? A lifetime of that will wear you down.

After the conference, I came home on fire, ready to be a positive light for myself and others. What a blessing to be able to steer people toward a more positive way to live and express oneself!

Then something terrible happened. I went swimsuit shopping. I am not only back at square one, I am down the road and out in the field in a ditch somewhere.

I think maybe I should start working out, but I'm really not sure if I have time. It's likely that probably I'll start, then I'll stop. I don't know. It is so, like, hard.

Heaven help me.

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