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A little about nothing can add up to a lot

First off, last weekend I took the girls to see "Camelot" at the Civic Center in Oklahoma City. This, despite a reluctance to get out in the cold and knowing there was a terrible review in The Oklahoman saying the play just didn't live up to its original mastery.

Funny thing about reviews. We have settled ourselves into being so dependent on what others think that sometimes we hesitate to form our own opinions. The theater was half empty, and we knew of several friends who opted out of the performance that night.

While I'm not going to say it was the greatest performance I've ever seen, I dearly love the story, having read many books on the days of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table in my younger years. I told my daughters that while they grew up wanting to be a Disney princess, my fantasy was to be a Queen, like Guenevere ... minus the treacherous deception, of course.

I was pretty sure the lace-up, flowing velvet dresses were just my style, and what girl wouldn't enjoy a little jousting to win her favor? In fact, being a fair maiden could still be on my bucket list.

Anyway, sometimes we take our education as we get it, and I was glad the girls got a glimpse into that era, fantasy though it may (or may not) be.

Bad reviews are sometimes poison to good people doing the best they can with what they have to work with. Best to decide for ourselves. And that is all I have to say about that.

Then there's that whole stink over the blue and black dress, which some crazy people erroneously see as being white and gold. I take a firm stand on this because my kids immediately ganged up on me and blamed my being wrong (which I wasn't) on Mom's colorblindness (which I don't have), a vicious stab at my sense of style, which according to them, unless what I'm wearing is kid approved, is usually inappropriate for the public eye.

Though they've been known to offer good fashion advice from time to time, I must remind them that I'm not the one who wore the black leotard, black skirt and red sparkly Dorothy shoes for an entire year, but I will admit that I rode that scrunch socks and high-top Reeboks phase a little longer than perhaps I should have.

Anyway, black and blue, white or gold, it all depends on how you're wired. Let's just say that half of us are wired screwy, because it's clearly blue and black. Plus, I saw the actual dress on the news, and it was  lo and behold  REALLY blue and black.

Finally, all this snow is great and everything ... but the truth is it's really not. We have the time change coming up next week, then spring is right around the corner, and I am already choreographing my Happy Snoopy Dance in my head. I'm tired of being cold, and I cannot wait until it's hot enough for me to complain about the heat.

Come on, spring. All this snow should make things nice and green. I will be thrilled to welcome and embrace color back into my life once again.

So there's my random report for the week. Hope everyone stays warm and is braced for another wacky week of Oklahoma weather, where we'll need shorts one day, then a ski parka the next.

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