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It's time to color our world

There is a chance that winter is done with us, and it is a fact that the first day of spring will happen this Friday ... God willin' and the creek don't rise.

Speaking of the creek, all that snow and ice, along with the soaking rain we got the other day, has made for a nice showing of the first signs of green, and even a flowering or two. It feels like you can just blink and all of a sudden the Bradford pears are out there, showing off like they never went away in the first place.

Now that I can no longer complain about the cold, I am instinctively bracing myself for the harsh spring winds that are a given in this part of the world. While the song makes it sound rather endearing, the wind that sweeps down the plains will suck the life out of you if you don't watch out.

All those whiners about daylight saving time must be morning people, but as a night person let me say that I personally did a happy dance to finally see daylight at 8 p.m. As I get older I confess to feeling the loss of that hour more, but my heart is lighter all around, what with all this sun and flowers and such.

Every year at this time I think of the Yardman and how he always said April 10 is the average day of the last killing frost, meaning it may or may not be a good idea to put plants out this soon. I've been quoting him on that for so long I probably should do a little research just to be sure I don't need to make an adjustment for global warming or some other weather phenomenon that I don't know about, and the truth is I don't know much.

I hope I'm not speaking too soon, but I think this is the year that my garage plants might survive. The way it usually happens is they hang on by a thread until the bitter end, with me barely remembering to care for them, then they die right before it's time to put them outside. This year I made room for eight huge pots, and they have been dropping leaves, withered and thorny all winter long, but for some reason I did manage to water them once a month or so over the winter.

We shall see. I still have a couple of weeks to kill them off if I wait and follow the Yardman's instructions.

Year before last I garaged a beautiful variegated bougainvillea that got mean and thorny early on, and by December I was convinced it was dead. Around this time, as I was doing my annual garage cleaning, I noticed one single tiny green leaf on it, and it turned out to be my most beautiful porch plant last summer.

Here's hoping for one more year.

So, with reflection, this is the column I do every year that expresses my utter joy for spring. It has been a long, cold winter, and the fact that we get a new chance every spring never ceases to amaze me.

Bring on those flowers, and let's color our world once again.

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