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Inventories will give you a record of your possessions

The survivors of the recent devastating hurricanes in Texas, Louisiana, Florida, Puerto Rico and the American Virgin Islands are facing months, more likely years, of recovery and, in some cases, no recovery at all to their former situation and lifestyle.

Inventory your possessions

Most of us know that we should have a detailed inventory of our possessions (with photographs) of furniture and accessories, household items, jewelry, clothing, electronic equipment  absolutely everything. Any proof of purchase should be part of that inventory. In the event you need to make a claim or prove ownership, or both, your insurer will thank you a thousandfold! It might even expedite reimbursement for possessions destroyed or lost under any circumstances.

That inventory ought to be updated regularly and then stored in a secure place. A secure place is not necessarily your home. One option is to put it in a bank safe deposit box. Some people rent a safe deposit box just for the purpose of safeguarding such inventories. (Although I wonder if, in fact, a bank is safe from flooding or a tornado! Ask the bank.) Another option is to ask a family member who lives in another area to keep the original copy of the inventory and photographs in a secure place. You could offer to do the same for them.

There is another valuable collection that requires the same protection and attention. That is all the information you have gathered on the genealogy of your families. And no doubt there are several families you are researching.

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