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Getting food to those who need assistance

This might be a good time to apologize to you all for not always giving you riveting reading every week. I don't mean to whine, but it's not always easy coming up with light and funny when real life tries continually to get in the way.

Such is the life of a columnist, but the truth is that sometimes events, my children, and my bread and butter job interfere with what's really important ... which is me having fun.

Over the years I have asked my editors for the month of December off, but they have been unresponsive, so I'm getting the vibe they don't love the idea. Especially if you throw the word "paid" in there.

So we just forge ahead and do the best we can.

You may be getting tired of hearing about it, but I want to follow up with the Feed the Need Thanksgiving grocery giveaway that happened the Saturday before Thanksgiving. This was really Faith-Based Church's project, but with the help of the Lawton Housing Authority and some lofty goals, we cranked it up a few notches.

Despite the heavy rain, divine intervention stepped in and we were gladly given last-minute access to the old Gibson's building, where over 1,100 people waited in line for a well-stocked grocery bag and a meat of some sort  there were hams, turkeys, leg quarters and hot dogs.

There was also a big spread of coats and clothing for the taking.

This project was a beautiful example of what can happen when the community bands together, and once again I am excited and hopeful that this city has the heart to do even more events like this throughout the year. It was no easy task getting all of this together, but it was done in such a way that the burden wasn't too much for any one person.

That is as it should be.

So, many, many thanks to all the wonderful volunteers who threw all they had into helping others have a better Thanksgiving.

Moving forward, please keep in mind that there is still a coat and blanket drive going on for the Christmas Eve meal that is done every year at St. John's Baptist Church, where last year over 200 people got a hot, traditional holiday meal and a coat. In years past we have had a coat and blanket for every attendee, so our goal this year is to collect over 250 coats and 250 blankets for those in need.

We are off to a good start on the coats, but are very light on blankets. Still in need of a whole lot of both, though.

Remember, money is the gift that keeps on giving, and at this point I'm saying cash donations will be used to buy blankets, but we wait till the end to see what we really need.

Checks can be made to the Lawton Housing Authority, and, along with the coats and blankets, can be dropped either at the Housing Authority or at Salas Restaurant.

So thanks very much, Lawton, for bearing with my non-Pulitzer prize writing and having such a glad and loving heart for your neighbors!

Forging ahead ...

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