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Every day is Mom's Day

 Mother's Day can be like those other holidays that promise more than they deliver  if you let it. But the best way to handle Mother's Day is to cherish your children in your heart; with no expectations beyond that, then you should be good.

Come to think of it, that's the way to handle all holidays, isn't it? ... with an attitude of gratitude. Everything else is just Hallmark fluff.

But the truth for many of us is that on Mother's Day we work. We go to our bread-and-butter job, then we go home and we work at our real job. We do laundry and clean up the dog's mess, we help the kids with their homework or their class project, then we clean up the kitchen and go to bed.

If we're lucky we can squeeze in a little ME time in the process ... a walk, a nice dinner that we don't have to cook, or down time on the couch with a favorite show. Which pretty much describes my Mother's Day, thankfully.

Then, sometimes, you either forget or you barely have time to write your column, and you're fighting your deadline and trying to fill the space. I hate to say it, and I apologize for it, but it's the truth. And that's sort of the sum of life. Granted, I'm getting older and forgetful and dealing with wildly distracting events in my life. That mundane evening at home may sound dull, but I never was a sky diver, and world travel just isn't on my immediate radar. Besides, life is still getting in the way, and even though those kids are getting older, they still have needs. In fact, the older they get, the more complex and expensive their needs become.

So I guess my point is when you're a mom, every day is Mother's Day. That can be a good thing or a bad thing, depending on the moon, teenage hormones and how you raised your kids. But good, bad or indifferent  and you're pretty much guaranteed all three  it's a job you take on for life.

Here's wishing all you hard-working ladies a belated happy Mother's Day. May you find time to paint your toenails.

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