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DGB worth the risk

Why not?

Why not give Missouri transfer Dorial Green-Beckham a chance to prove his time spent wreaking havoc, on and off the field in Columbia was an aberration. 

Green-Beckham's rocky college football career seemed wrecked, potentially forever when Missouri head coach Gary Pinkel booted him from the Tigers squad a few months back after a series of indiscretions.

But in Oklahoma head coach Bob Stoops' best Lee Corso impersonation, Stoops said 'not so fast my friend.' 

With Stoops' blessing, the troubled wideout made official his intentions to transfer to Oklahoma on Thursday during a visit to the OU campus.

"We are pleased to welcome Dorial to the University of Oklahoma, where he is excited to continue his education and resume his playing career," Stoops said in a statement. "Dorial understands the privilege and responsibilities of representing the Oklahoma football program. He is a talented young man who is eager to get to work with the rest of our team in the classroom and on the field."

If you're a little hazy on why this is big news, other than the fact Green-Beckham was the top-rated high school recruit in the country in 2012, let's take a second to review.

He led the SEC in arrests during his time in Columbia. Twice for drug related issues and another for allegedly pushing a 18-year-old female student down at least four stairs. Ultimately, Green-Beckham was charged in just one of the incidents, a marijuana arrest during his freshman season. 

On the field at Missouri, Green-Beckham was nearly unstoppable in college football's premier conference, the SEC. The 6-foot-6 receiver racked up 17 touchdowns in two seasons for the Tigers, which tied him with Texas A&M's Mike Evans for tops in the SEC over the last two years.

It's a classic risk-reward opportunity for Stoops. If Green-Beckham gets immediate eligibility from the NCAA, allowing him to play next season, he could be the missing piece to a national championship run.

If he does and the Sooners do, Green-Beckham's past will stay just that  the past. 

But if he doesn't...that's a path Stoops was willing to risk taking, obviously, given the potential DGB possesses on the field. 

Stoops knows Green-Beckham and his guardians, John and Tracy Beckham, who adopted he and his brother at a young age, well. The Sooners finished third to Mizzou and Arkansas in the Green-Beckham sweepstakes two years ago. 

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