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The crazy season is upon us again, but this too shall pass

Real life is happening right now in Lawton, America.

If you know me, I have always commented about this time of year, though I'm a little early this time. Usually my rant involves the madness that the end of the school year brings, what with recitals, assemblies, games, meetings and so on. It's always amazed me how we Americans like to cram so much into one month twice a year (May and December).

Like, why couldn't we have a dance recital during the dogs days of July? Or canned food and clothing drives in August? Simple. We just can't, that's why.

Anyway, I digress. So take the end of the school year time, put it on steroids and crank the knob up as far as it'll go, and you have your last baby's senior year. Mix all that up with a million conflicting emotions and you'll understand why I regularly need to retreat to a dark, quiet place where I can breathe deeply, close my eyes and mentally count all my fingers and toes and reassure myself that everything's gonna be all right.

The funny thing about the world is that it keeps on turning no matter what. One person can be going through the greatest tragedy of their life while their neighbor can be experiencing their greatest joy. It can be mind boggling if you think about it, and as you know, I have a tendency to think too much.

So how do we humans connect with one another when we are all on such different playing fields? I guess we start with kindness. Then there's always faith, hope and love.

And for those of us who struggle, the past big life-shock experience that I encountered last summer taught me many things, but one big thing I got out of it has brought me a greater comfort and perspective.

It is this: Everything is temporary. As you are struggling, it's easy to believe that you'll always struggle. If you're depressed, you will stay depressed. If you're in pain, you will always be in pain.

No. This too, shall pass. Eventually the lights come back on and color will slowly seep back into your world. Somehow, someway, things change. It's also worth noting that this same principle applies to the good times. Best to embrace those while you can.

So the drama, excitement, fear and joy that upcoming changes will surely stir up are all part of the deal, and you're either in the game or on the sidelines. Me, I like to play, so I'm all in. Bring it on. This kid's going to be fine, and her mama will most likely be OK, too.

But I'm also grateful for that quiet, dark corner.

And that I have all my fingers and toes

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