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Young cancer survivor wants to pursue career in medicine

Naomi Vinson stands over a mannequin on a gurney methodically maneuvering a ventilator tube down its throat. As she does so, she explains that the process is known as a tracheal intubation, used to maintain open airways on patients under anesthesia. Though her patient is not real, her passion is. 

Vinson was at Cameron University participating in Oklahoma State University Center for Health Sciences's "Operation Orange," a summer traveling medical camp aimed at finding future doctors for rural Oklahoma.

Vinson is 13, but going on 14. She attended MacArthur Middle School last year, but after the summer will be moving on to high school. She came to "Operation Orange" with one goal in mind.

"I want to be an oncology nurse," Vinson said. 

Vinson is a cancer survivor. She wants to go into the medical field to be able to help other people cope with the same struggle that she lived through.

Vinson was one of dozens of high school and college students attending "Operation Orange."

Christopher Thurman, one of the program's coordinators, and an associate dean at the OSU College of Osteopathic Medicine, was on hand to guide students as they explored different aspects of the medical field.

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