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Woman enjoys weekly visits to veterans center

Lola McQuiston saw an article in the Lawton Constitution a few years ago about the need for volunteer ombudsmen to visit nursing homes and assisted living facilities in the area.

She thought it sounded like something she could do to help other people and their families while at the same time adding some to her own life. So, she volunteered  and it turned out she was right on all counts.

"It is a pleasure to go. It give me a lift," she said. 

McQuiston has made it a point over the past five years to visit the Lawton-Fort Sill Veterans Center at least once a week for a couple of hours. She won't intrude on any resident, but if a resident's door is open as she's passing by she's almost sure to knock and say hello. Some visits might last a little longer. She said on more than one occasion she's held up her end of a conversation about a ball game on TV. She's also talked to veterans at the center a lot about their lives and families.

"Some of them have been there for quite awhile, so I've gotten to know them well," she said.

If family members of veterans are around, McQuiston said she likes to stop and visit with them, too. If a resident or family member shares some problem about the facility with her, as an ombudsman volunteer she'll act as an advocate for them in trying to work things out. Fortunately, she said she hasn't encountered a lot of problems.

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