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Weight loss support group seeks new members

It’s no secret that losing weight is a difficult process. Controlling cravings, eating nutritious food and working out are all habits that take time and effort to create. When Linda Purdue set out to lose weight in 2018, she believed that forming these habits would be easier with a support group.

Purdue, her sister and a family friend set out to find a weight loss group in town that was supportive and affordable. It didn’t take them long to come across Take Off Pounds Sensibly, or TOPS.

TOPS was the answer that Purdue was searching for. When she attended her first meeting at Cameron Baptist Church, she found a group that wasn’t expensive or intimidating. The TOPS members made her feel supported.

“I found the ladies very receiving and the group wasn’t threatening at all,” Purdue said.

The group doesn’t promise any quick fix or promote an “ideal” standard of weight. They come together in a relaxed and joyful atmosphere to talk about nutritional facts and share knowledge about being healthy through drinking water, eating the right food and exercising, Purdue said.

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