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From non-profits to teaching, new Lawton High teacher finds fulfillment in classroom

First-year teacher Stephanie Hilliary has found a calling in the classroom that couldn’t be fulfilled while working for non-profit agencies.

“I decided to go into teaching because I felt a great need to impact our society in a positive way,” she said. “I think the best way to do that is to impact the younger generation.”

Hilliary holds a mix of alternative and emergency certifications that she’s accumulated over the past year. She holds alternative certification in speech, U.S. History and psychology and sociology. While preparing for her first year of teaching this past summer, the Lawton High administration approached her about teaching world history, for which she is now emergency certified.

“They needed a world history teacher and I was volunteered,” Hilliary said. “That’s exciting, always. I didn’t have that test yet, so I decided to emergency certify in that as well.”

Some might think Hilliary collects teaching certifications like some collect stamps or coins, but there’s a reason for that. She comes from a family of teachers — all of whom teach history. So the love of the past stuck, and she decided it would be a great way to expand her horizons.

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