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Murder trial hits roadblocks with Wednesday testimony

Wednesday’s trial of Issac K. Hill for the shooting death of his best friend hit roadblocks as the defense successfully struck the testimony of the lead investigators to the case.

Hill, 22, is standing trial for second-degree murder in Comanche County District Judge Scott D. Meaders’ courtroom. The courtroom was filled with Hill’s family and supporters, as well as the family and friends of Dalton Freiheit, 21, who was killed the morning of Sept. 3, 2017, at Hill’s home at 213 Red Elk in northern Comanche County.

With a large projection screen obscuring the view of most of the gallery and a contingent of Cameron University criminal justice students filing in and out throughout the day, there was an air of claustrophobia inside the courtroom.

Hill’s defense attorney, John Zelbst raked Comanche County Sheriff’s Detective Tom Brown over the coals for losing a copy of a sketch made by Marcus Johnson, the other person in the room with Hill and Freiheit at the time of the incident.

“Under the law, I’m supposed to be given everything; where’s the drawing?” Zelbst asked.

Brown replied it was in the case file.

“Why have we not been given everything by the state?” Zelbst questioned.

Meaders called for the noon recess to allow for discussion between him, Zelbst and First Assistant District Attorney Kyle Cabelka. Upon resumption of the proceedings, the trial almost immediately ground back to a halt.

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