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Mayoral candidate keeps focus on city's future

Stan Booker has announced that he will seek the office of mayor of the City of Lawton. 

"I love my hometown," Booker said in a statement. "Lawton has invested a good education in me that, along with my upbringing, is the foundation of what I have become. We have been very blessed with our businesses here and I have strived to be the kind of person that always gives back. I have spent much time praying and pondering about my involvement in the community and I am convinced that the time is right for me to run for mayor. With an eye to the future, I want to help Lawton be all that it can be. We have so much potential with our greatest asset being our people. This is illustrated best by having the largest tire making facility in the United States with our citizens being the most productive in the western hemisphere. 

"As a city, we are facing a new challenge in declining population. This is causing problems in all sectors of the local economy as we see a growing number of vacant homes and buildings, and declining city revenue. We all have a vision for our city, and we can only attain this vision with a community that is growing and prospering.

"Our city has great potential that can only be reached when we come together with an eye to the future. We can face any challenge if we come together in unity. We must focus on being the kind of city where our children and grandchildren will want to to raise their families. We must become a city that will give our children the opportunities that all young families need to nurture their own children. 

"This opportunity can only happen when we are a city where business prospers. We must grow our reputation of being business friendly and business progressive. We must make job creation and recruitment a priority. 

"Technology is changing the world and it is changing fast. Even today we can see the effects of technology in the retail sector of our city. Analysts are forecasting that communities will see these same effects in manufacturing and other job producing sectors of the economy as technology takes the world and our city to a new norm. We must increase the technology sector of our economy now, as this will be a job generator and builder of our future. We must embrace the future now and continue embracing it in the future. 

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