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A week after the Sept. 12, 2013, discovery of Claudine Marroquin’s body inside a plastic bag buried in a hole near a shed, the backyard of her husband, David Lee Baird’s home at 1717 NW Irwin still bears the scars of her interment.A mural on the back of the house, presumably painted by Baird prior to the homicide, bears the image of a man digging a hole.

Man bound over for trial in case of wife found buried in backyard

Despite much of the state's murder case against David L. Baird being circumstantial, Comanche County Special District Court Judge Ken Harris ruled there was a reasonable enough suspicion that the 62-year-old was involved in the alleged murder of his wife, Claudine Marroquin, last year. 

Baird finally appeared for a preliminary hearing Wednesday, and after the court heard testimony from the lead investigator, LPD Det. Ken Parsons, and another civilian, Harris determined Baird should be bound over for trial for first-degree murder, desecration of a corpse, unlawful removal of a body and forgery of a certificate of title. 

As previously reported, the preliminary hearing for Baird was postponed earlier this year because the medical examiner's autopsy report had not yet been completed. The autopsy finding, which showed 36-year-old Marroquin died from "probable asphyxiation," was made available to investigators and The Constitution just prior to the hearing, but it's still not clear when Marroquin was actually killed and crudely buried in the backyard of Baird's home, 1717 NW Irwin. 

According to Parsons, Marroquin's sister had filed a missing persons report just days before her body was found Sept. 11, 2013. Officers were called that date to check out a foreign odor at the home. Parsons testified the smell  one he had "unfortunately" experienced before and knew to be that of decomposition  appeared to be stronger around The back side of the home. 

Baird first allowed the police into his home to speak about the whereabouts of his wife, whom he claimed had gone to Costa Rica with possible plans not to come back. While inside, Parsons and another detective allegedly saw two spots of what they suspected to be blood on the trim of a kitchen wall. 

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