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LPD:Rushing son is shooter

Police are not yet prepared to publicly answer the biggest question in last week's double homicide but say they know who pulled the trigger.
Capt. Craig Akard said police are confident they know the reason why 50-year-old Uwe Rushing and his 14-year-old son Stefan were shot and killed early Jan. 20. But until detectives finish gathering evidence and conducting interviews, they will not discuss in detail the roles that five teens  all of whom are being held in the city jail  are alleged to have played in the killings.
An exception, however, was disclosed in a news release from the department Monday that said 18-year-old Thorsten Rushing, Uwe's Rushing's elder son, is suspected of shooting his father in the head and chest and his younger brother in the head. 
The District Attorney's Office has not received a completed case on the Rushing homicides, but detectives have consulted with the prosecutor's office. It could be as late as next week before suspects make initial appearances in court. 
Based on the investigation by detectives Justin Thorne and David Schucker, another person beside Thorsten Rushing was present during the killings, the release said, and all five were "involved in the murders in various ways to include planning, assisting beforehand, assisting during or assisting afterwards." 
While police said from the beginning that no one was being ruled out as a suspect, investigators said at a press conference the day of the murders that Thorsten Rushing was not being considered a suspect. At that time, police said, he claimed to be a survivor of a home invasion perpetrated by two cold-blooded killers who came in the back door and opened fire on a family watching television.

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