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Local teachers go bird watching at workshop

Looking through binoculars, Lawton High School teacher Mona Bevington took in the lovely sight of a Barn Swallow, which perched on a tree near Quanah Lake outside the Environmental Education Center in the Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge on Saturday.

Bevington took on the role of student as she learned all about birds during a professional development workshop coordinated by Lisa Chaney, a Cameron University alumna who is a biology professor at Western Oklahoma State College, and D'Anna Laminack, an environmental education specialist for the refuge.

The other three teachers who participated in the workshop include Ashwini "Rita" Sabnis of Lawton High School, Lauren Hayes of Altus Elementary School and Jeri Nunley of Olustee Elementary School. 

Chaney said the teachers will be able to apply their newfound knowledge of birds to any school subject, ranging from art to mathematical physics. 

"Birds  with their beauty  lend themselves to art," Chaney said. "We also talked about the lift and the draft  the physics of flight."

Laminack provided the cirriculum for the workshop, and she gave the teachers ideas for activities, as well as food web and bird bingo handouts for their classes. 

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