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Liquor issue faces Tillman County voters

FREDERICK  Tillman County voters will go to the polls Feb. 11 to decide whether to legalize "liquor by the drink," which would pave the way for restaurants to serve alcoholic beverages.
Ben Crawford, whose family operates an abstract firm in Frederick, is spearheading the drive to legalize liquor by the drink and said the main goal is for economic development.
"Tillman County has been steadily decreasing in population for many years," he said. "This is a small step we can take to, hopefully, reverse that trend."
Crawford said he knows of an interested party or two looking to open a restaurant within the county if liquor by the drink passes.
"However, we have nothing definite about that yet," he said.
Crawford said he is unsure of the extra tax revenue legalization would bring.
"We don't know what that might be just yet," he said. "Years ago, there was a restaurant looking to open in Frederick but the owner did not open up here after they found out we were not a liquor-by-the-drink county."
"Tillman County is already 'wet,' as retail liquor stores are in place," he said. "This will just allow establishments to sell a different type of alcoholic beverage that will make a big impact on our communities and on Tillman County."
Crawford emphasized that he sees legalization as an economic development issue, not a moral issue.

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