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Charles Barnett rolls fingertip top perfection as he creates a swelling fill in the melody during Thursday night’s All Star Jam Session to open the Charlie Christian International Music Festival.Musicians jam Thursday night in the Park Place Event Center offering a perfect beginning to a weekend of music in and around Lawton. It was a lead off event for the 29th Annual Charlie Christian International Music Festival. Seasoned and at the top of their game, from left: Donna Cox the ivories as Lawton’s Michael Baker holds down the bass.

Jam sets right tone for weekend of music

A circle of musicians feeding off one another Thursday night offered perfect promise of sweet music to come.

"If you hear any noise, it's just me and the boys," said drummer and Lawton native Ken Baker. 

Baker offered the thought during a rare pause in what was an evening of pure flow and movement between him and his brother Michael on bass and included Donna Cox's vocal and piano chops. Tulsa's Charles Barnett was the obvious ringleader from his nest of percussive instruments, chimes, cymbals and shakers of all sizes. All four highly pedigreed musicians are slated to take the stage this weekend during the 29th Annual Charlie Christian International Music Festival.

But Thursday night at the Park Place Event Center wasn't about resumes or it being an "All Star Jam Session," it was about the music. The quartet more than matched their collective billing while spending the evening doing what musicians do best  making music. 

The beauty of a jam session of musicians with the right chops is when one finds that groove, you can see and hear the light bulbs begin to glow. A riff turns into a rhythm and with the brothers Baker holding down the bottom end, the synchronicity of a well-oiled machine propelled experimentation from the deft fingers of Barnett.

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