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Freedom Elementary, Lawton Public Schools combat obesity with healthy programs

Freedom Elementary and Lawton Public Schools continue physically engage students to stave off the ever-prominent threat of obesity in children.

Last September, Freedom Elementary received the gold award from the Alliance for a Healthier Generation in September. In that same announcement, the organization also named the school one of the healthiest in the nation. Cat Shelton, physical education teacher, is among those responsible for her school’s recognitions.

“I feel like, especially now, with popular video games, there’s so much more sedentary activities that kids really enjoy,” she said. “But we really do try to make sure they see that exercise and being active and getting outside for that 60 minutes a day is just as fun.”

The school has dedicated itself to being as healthy as possible and to pass those lessons down to the students. Currently, students were engaged in the Kid’s Heart Challenge in conjunction with the American Heart Association. Primary students spent their physical education time learning how to jump rope. Three classes of students were rotated through three jump rope stations, where they learned the basics of jump rope, how to do more advanced tricks and jumping rope with a partner. Shelton also instilled in them the importance of exercise and staying active so that they could go home and do the same things without the need for school guidance. It also generated revenue for a good cause.

“We’ve been teaching the students how important it is for them to stay healthy,” Shelton said. “And this is also raising money for the American Heart Association to help them help others in saving lives.”

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