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Fort Sill recruits undergo new fitness test

The recruits in week two of Combat Basic Training weren’t out on the field just to enjoy the scenery. The Army, as always, had a higher purpose for them: breaking a sweat.

Not an easy task in the frigid pre-dawn hours on Presidents Day. The moon was so big it looked like a giant cheese wheel in the sky. The weather app on the iPhone put the ambient temperature at 25 degrees F but helpfully added that with the wind speed of 18 mph factored in it would actually feel like 11.

Nonetheless, the 197 soldiers-in-training from C Battery, 1st Battalion, 19th Field Artillery (FA), gave it their best. Under the command of Capt. David Johnson, they started off at “0-dark-30” with their conditioning drill and warm-up before proceeding to the three-repetition dead lift, the medicine ball throw, the hand-release pushups, the sprint-drag-carry, the leg tuck and a two-mile run.

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