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Creating high tech jobs in southwest Oklahoma

EDITOR’S NOTE: The Lawton Fires Patriots is a subgroup of the Lawton Fort Sill Chamber of Commerce dedicated to support the missions of Fort Sill. Today This is the second in a series of articles submitted by members of the Fires Patriots explaining their five-year strategy.

Our community vision is to create high tech jobs by leveraging STEM education in high school and through college. In so doing, we will train the future workforce for high tech companies to utilize and create jobs for our local citizenry. An abundance of well-paying high tech jobs is our goal.

We will achieve this by utilizing the high tech company arena that already exists at Fort Sill. We will tap this potential by attracting and recruiting new companies to Fort Sill. As this area continues to grow, we intend to motivate local companies to start up. All of which will be able to fill the need for well-trained employees because we have them available locally.

Near term priority involves maximizing the opportunity to bring industry to Lawton Fort Sill (LFS) as a function of Intermediate Air Missile Defense (IAMD) Cross Functional Teams (CFT) and Long-Range Precision Fires (LRPF) CFT demands. Presently, the Fire Center of Excellence (FCoE) will benefit with some growth in manpower. However, the money in DoD investment goes to R&D and S&T. The community goal is to bring as much of the science and technology to bear as possible.

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