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What you missed from Mac's crazy win

As you could probably tell, my story in Saturday's paper about MacArthur's football game with El Reno ended abruptly.

The explanation is simple, really.

With so many things to run and so little room on the pages for them, stories are often trimmed because of space restrictions. This is a grim and inescapable fact that clutches the soul of every newspaper editor and staff writer.

Unfortunately, my story befell that fate on Friday night. The action from the Highlanders' 64-35 victory was too much to fit into my story's allotted space, leaving you without the crucial details you rightfully desire as a Mac fan.

I reminisced about last year's 66-59 shootout between OU and Texas Tech as the best combined offensive performance I've ever seen in a high school football game unfolded in front of me at the Indians' Memorial Stadium.

With that in mind, there is no way I, the Mac beat writer, can sit idly by as my dedicated audience speculates standout performances and stat lines.

You want the full story, and rather than making you wait until Thursday for the abridged version in my weekly notebook, I'm going to give it to you right now.

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