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LHS-Washington hopes to be like ’16

EDMOND - Lawton High and Tulsa Washington put on an amazing show last year in the first round of the 6AII playoffs and now many of the same talented athletes who made the 2016 game a classic are back and ready to see is the 2017 matchup can be just as exciting.

The game is scheduled for 7 p.m. at Central Oklahoma's Wantland Stadium. While the teams are the same, there is a major difference this time, the two will meet in the semifinals tonight, not in the first round as was the case last year.

The player with the most known name is probably Rylan McQuarters for the Hornets, but that's mainly because of his father, R.W. McQuarters who was a talented defensive back and return specialist for Oklahoma State. His son does things in a similar fashion, but what has caught the eye of the LHS coaches is the fact he's not been used much on offense.

"As good an athlete as he is, we expected they'd be using him on offense, but that doesn't see to be the case," LHS offensive coordinator Ryan Breeze said. "We're not sure whether he will play offense against us or not."

The Wolverines have an athletes with similar talent  Miles Davis  and the LHS coaches know that when the game is on the line Davis will be on the field, whether it's on offense or defense.

He was the easy pick as the Player of the Week during the first round of the state playoffs, scoring seven touchdowns and leading the Wolverines to a 57-36 victory over Muskogee. Davis rushed for 258 yards and five touchdowns, caught a 45-yard pass for another score and then late in the game came on to play safety and returned an interception 99 yards to score and clinch the victory.

"He's a special player," LHS head coach Randy Breeze said. "When the game is on the line we will probably have him out there. We've used him running the ball more than we would have liked at times but he's the type of kid who want to help the team in any manner possible and he's in incredible shape. And he's so humble; he never brags or boasts, just goes out there and does his job."

Davis is also quick to brag about his offensive line, a group that has helped him rush for more than 2,200 yards thus far this season.

"They do a great job giving me room to run," Davis said after the big win over Muskogee last week. "They've been giving me holes at the line and then getting downfield and giving me good blocks. And the receivers have really helped me get yardage this year."

That line has also been important in allowing quarterback Alihas Hopper to have time to throw the football and complete more than 58 percent of his passes.

"Our line has done a good job protecting, but Alihas has also done his part," Ryan Breeze said. "He's been able to check out of plays at times and he's been able to get rid of the ball faster at times and those improvements in his game have really helped us move the ball more efficiently this season."

The LHS defense has also been an important factor and it starts an important factor and it starts with the seven players up front.

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