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Latest incident not exactly clear cut

I didn't want to write about it  I really didn't.

However, considering it's the topic that has dominated the national college football landscape and will continue to be discussed this week, I figured somebody ought to say something.

Baker Mayfield, the Oklahoma quarterback and leading candidate to win the Heisman Trophy in a few weeks, was caught on camera Saturday shouting "[expletive] you" at Kansas players from the sideline while grabbing himself in a sensitive area.

It was the culmination of an ill-tempered affair that started with Kansas captains refusing to shake Mayfield's hand at the coin toss and included a hit by a Kansas defender on Mayfield a good amount of time after Mayfield had thrown the ball.

He issued an apology after the Kansas game, but to some, it came off as forced. To others, it was a young man who was truly embarrassed by his actions.

Regardless of whether you view Mayfield's act as much ado about nothing or yet another example of misbehavior, Mayfield will not start Saturday's game against West Virginia as punishment.

Predictably, it's brought about more questions than answers. Is it too harsh a penalty? Is it harsh enough? With West Virginia missing its starting quarterback, will it even matter who quarterbacks OU?

Has the media blown this out of proportion? In many ways, yes. But what do expect?

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