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Dalke finds way to blend in with average golfer, sort of

About a week ago, Brad Dalke found a way to blend in with the average golfer.

He lounged in the comforts of home and watched The Masters, keeping tabs on the Sunday round of 20-year-old star Jordan Spieth, who strode in the day's final pairing. Like most across the country, Dalke pulled for Spieth as long as possible. In mass, we all winced when the former University of Texas golfer lost a two-shot lead and settled for a second-place tie in his first experience under the Mothers of all Pines.

Yes, we all watched the Masters. But that's the end of comparisons between Brad Dalke, a Hobart High golfer and junior-circuit power, and the rest of us.  

We've watched Spieth. Dalke's played against him.

It happened last May when a mutual friend of their families arranged Dalke, a future Sooner, and Spieth, a former Longhorn, to play together at Colonial Country Club, just before Spieth cannon-balled his way into pro career.  

Spieth carved out a 66, and Dalke shot 69. It's a neat story, one that will only get neater as their careers unfurl.

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