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Paws with Love Therapy Dogs and handlers visited Southwestern Behavioral Health Center recently to visit with patients in the 92-bed inpatient facility. From left: Katie Young with Finn, Susan Godlove and Declan, Keri Brammer with Liam, Lisa Roberts and Lilly, Jacklyn McNeil, standing; and Mercedez Elbert, activities coordinator. Liam is smelling a rabbit trail while Lilly, a bassett hound in training to be a therapy dog, is looking back to see what the other dogs are up to.

Simple steps can help you de-stress

Did you know there's a type of stress called eustress? And that's a good thing. It's what makes you get up out of bed every morning and go to work because you want food on the table and to be able to pay your bills.

"There's a gamut that runs from eustress all the way over to distress," said Jacklyn McNeil, licensed professional counselor at Southwestern Behavioral Health Center. "Stress is in the middle. We wake up and we are OK. As we go throughout the day, things kind of build and then at some point we hit a stress marker. It can either be positive or negative. Positives can be just as bad. Having a wedding can be as stressful as a funeral because of the emotions you go through."

She explained that when many people are planning a wedding they want the entire day to be perfect, and that adds stress. Having a baby creates stress. Will I be a good Mom or Dad? People will go through positive and negative stress.

"So it's a matter of how you deal with those things," McNeil said. "As you go throughout your day, you may go through meetings after meetings after meetings and there may be an accumulative effect of that to a point where it goes to distress. At distress, is where you go either to anger, or to emotions, crying. You disassociate where you are, not sure where you are and what you are doing. You may drive home and not remember how you drove to get there. That's when you're in distress."

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