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 Dr. Scott Kochenhower, Lawton podiatrist, examines feet for neuropathy. Kochenhower said up to 50 percent of diabetics will experience some peripheral neuropathy.

Neuropathy can plague diabetics

Terry Payette, Lawton, began experiencing pain in her feet about four years ago.

She discussed the issue with her primary care physician, Dr. Elena Shea, who did a diabetic foot exam on Payette and referred her to a foot clinic for treatment.

Payette has peripheral neuropathy  nerve damage  in her feet. While no one is entirely certain of the various factors that contribute to neuropathy, Payette's condition is most likely the result of damage caused by diabetes.

"It feels like pins and needles, or burning in my foot," she said.

The first time she felt neuropathic pain, Payette said it felt like she was being stabbed in her foot.

Payette said she mainly uses a wheelchair, but when she does walk it is very painful.

She experiences the pain of neuropathy in her feet every day and it tends to be worse at night, she said.

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