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Con: State healthcare teams need doctors as quarterbacks

Dr. Jean Hausheer is president-elect of the Oklahoma State Medical Association. She will officially take office as president in April during an inaugural ball in Oklahoma City. Hausheer is also affiliated with the Dean McGee Eye Institute, and her office in Lawton is in the Tomlinson Medical Center.

"I want to start by saying my daughter-in-law is a nurse practitioner. Also, if you look at the elevator directory in our building, we have three nurse practitioners here. We also have one PA (physician's assistant), and I just want you to know that we all work together as a team," Hausheer said. "What I'm going to say about it is nothing personal. I really want to make sure you understand that."

The bill came up last year, and Hausheer said she is very familiar with it. "The Oklahoma State Medical Association opposes this legislation and there are many reasons, but I'm going to key in on what I think would be the most critical issues," she said.

Health care quarterbacks lead the team

"Every fall, most Oklahomans enjoy football. They all have their favorite teams and have great determination and drive for their teams to win," she said. "Oklahomans would really be unhappy if for some reason there wasn't a quarterback leading their strategies and calling their plays for other team members. This type of legislation  from my observation last year and the way it is now  polarizes the team effect."

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