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George Farris, vector control officer for the City of Lawton, searches for mosquito larvae in a sample of water he has collected. He has a bag of Aquabac pellets, a microbial insecticide used to treat mosquito larvae. According to the manufacturer, this insecticide is harmless to beneficial insects, wildlife, humans, pets and livestock.>Aquabac pellets in use by the City of Lawton contain a chemical to kill mosquito larvae. These pellets sink to the bottom and are more effective than the kind that float, according to George Farris, vector control officer. Mosquito eggs can remain dormant until it rains and some can remain in the larvae stage for up to eight months.

Avoid mosquitoes, avoid Zika

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention elevated its response efforts for Zika to a Level 1 activation, the highest response level at the agency.

The CDC is working with international public health partners and with state and local health departments to alert healthcare providers and the public about Zika and to provide state health laboratories with diagnostic tests and monitor and report cases of Zika, which helps improve understanding of how and where Zika is spreading.

According to the latest report from the CDC, four cases of Zika have been reported in Oklahoma and 30 in Texas from Jan. 1 to May 4. Florida had the most confirmed cases with 95. New York came in second with 89.

Zika in Oklahoma

South Central Quadrant Supervisor Dan Brown for the Oklahoma State Health Department said the aedes aegypti mosquito carries the Zika virus.

"We have it here," Brown said. "It's mainly a container-type breeder. The female mosquito, after she gets a blood meal she can go lay her eggs either in the water or an area that will be prone to flood or prone to gather water. She may lay her eggs on the side of a flower pot. Then when you water, the eggs are released and they hatch out."

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