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Alzheimer's completely changes life

COMANCHE  Realizing that people really care has been one of the amazing things for Vanessa Harris who is caregiver 24/7 for her husband, Bob, who has Alzheimer's. She said one of the difficult parts had been knowing what to do and say, since it's the first time she's been in this situation.

"The Alzheimer's Association has been very, very good and very informative," Harris said. "Anyone who is in a situation like this that hasn't gotten hold of them, needs to."

Bob Harris was diagnosed with Alzheimer's in October 2016. He said he has noticed a difference, but he was unable to express his feelings about it.

"It's hard. It's absolutely a change of lifestyle," Vanessa said. "Everything changes, the way you sleep at night, the way you have your meals, the way you run your errands, the way you work. There is nothing that stays the same."

She said her husband doesn't sleep well, even with medication prescribed by the doctor. Bob will wake up and leave the bedroom. She has to go find him and put him back to bed. "Then we'll start over again," she said. "This will happen three or four times a night."

They've been married 28 years. Formerly a contract superintendent for a company out of Dallas building concrete buildings before he retired in 2004, Vanessa said Bob worked on multimillion dollar projects.

"I'm learning to do things that I used to depend on Bob to do," she said. "I have to depend more on our family and friends to come and take care of things that he used to take care of. The yard was always his. He always ran the lawn mower. He enjoyed it. I don't even know how to start our lawn mower. I'm fixin' to have to learn. We used to be so self sufficient. Now I have to call people and that's hard."

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