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Sisters set sights on double crowns

Lexie and Lynzie Herron are sisters, best friends, local pageant winners and a double threat in this year's Miss Oklahoma and Miss Oklahoma's Outstanding Teen pageants.

In August 2017, Lexie and Lynzie were crowned Miss Lawton and Miss Lawton's Outstanding Teen, respectively. Now they are preparing for the state level pageants. 

But this is far from their first rodeo.

"I first started when I was 14," Lexie said. " I was always the girly-girl, into dresses and makeup and that kind of stuff. I won my first title and then shortly after Lynzie decided that she wanted to do pageants. Our whole family was just shocked because she was always the outdoorsy type."

But it seemed that pageantry ran in the blood, and Lynzie won her first crown at 13 with the title of Miss Altus's Outstanding Teen.

This will mark Lexie's third year at the Miss Oklahoma Pageant, and Lynzie's second at the Miss Oklahoma's Outstanding Teen Scholarship Pageant. 

When the two decided to run simultaneously for the Lawton titles last year, they were excited about the prospect of keeping the crowns in the family, but never dreamed that they would both come out on top.

"We were just excited," Lynzie said. "I was rooting for her and hoping that she would win, and knew she was rooting for me. We knew that if one of us won, it would be a win for both of us."

Despite their relationship, the two sisters are running on different, yet equally compassionate, platforms.

Lynzie's platform is "Your Somebody's Type: Encouraging Blood Donations."

"When I was younger, my grandfather needed four units of donated blood. At the time I didn't really know what that meant," she said, recalling what motivated her to begin researching blood donation as a platform. "It is something that is important, but not talked about very much. I've donated three times since my 16th birthday."

Lexie's platform is "Being the Ability in Disability."

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