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Retiree finds newfound talent in 'dirty pour' art form

In the early 2000s, Mike Martine was juggling a career as a lieutenant colonel, running a family practice clinic, raising five kids and competing as a tri-athlete.

In those days, artistic expression couldn't have been further from his mind.

But kids grow up and move out, careers come to an end and time wears on the body.

In 2007, Martine retired from the army. With his kids out of the house, and surgeries having removed him from athletic competition, he was looking for something to do.

And then, last May, he picked up an issue of AARP magazine and read an article about former President George W. Bush, who took up painting after retirement.

"So I was laying there in bed later, and I thought, if he can paint surely I can," Martine said.

After making his decision, Martine set right to work. Not feeling confident about traditional painting, he turned to a technique called "the dirty pour."

The dirty pour is a form of acrylic painting in which two or more colors are mixed in a cup and then poured onto a canvas.

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