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Open road to ruin: Austin, Texas

AUSTIN, Texas — A much needed trip to “deep in the heart of Texas “ proved it can never get weird enough for a Lawton journalist in search of a good time.

With a little planning with the missus and eldest daughter, and the guidance of friends already living in Austin, Texas, a customized agenda developed for the best time had in a short time. With a four-day window, the choice of arriving on a Sunday and leaving on a Wednesday morning left ample opportunity to taste a slice of life on another planet without the crush of a major American city in full weekend bluster.

According to the U.S. Census Bureau’s July 1, 2017, estimate, Austin’s population is 950,715. That doesn’t count those in the surrounding suburbs who commute to work and come into the city on weekends.

The city’s international claim to fame is its vibrant music and independent arts community. For many, it’s considered a cool place to create. There’s an aesthetic to the liberal paradise that permeates the concrete, brick and glass structures. You find art everywhere if you just look around.

The vision of taco trucks parked on (almost) every street corner set off the waterworks — a tear of joy to the eye and saliva drooling from the corner of the mouth — as we arrived in the concrete paradise of Austin. There are a lot of roads, streets, highways and byways in and through the Texas state capitol keeping traffic moving. Incidental artwork would make you want to slow down or, at least, take an exit and explore.

A good call was going through Airbnb for housing. The “trendy trailer” at 6806 Mira Loma Lane offered a fresh place to refresh and relax at a more than reasonable price. The little retro-inspired trailer featured two bedrooms, stylish decor and proved the perfect home base. Located five minutes away from friends’ homes and 10 minutes away from Sixth Street, it felt like home.

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