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Musical partners shine in Studio Blanket/Tent Fort

Wil “The Wizard” Jones brought his musical brother in Johnson’s Complaint, Spell, Snake Oil, Sweet Mother Ruckus (and many other bands) J.D. Famoly by Studio Blanket/Tent Fort to tape this week’s radio show with Steve Carr, a.k.a. Steve-O, and the columnist. It was a great time surrounded by some fantastic musicians/madmen.

Laughs were plenty and so were the songs. On the show, you heard a Famoly original that was fleshed out with Jones and Carr’s handiwork called “Hello Sunshine.” A song germinating for a while, Famoly said his wife has ownership to this one now that it’s become something special.

“This is one I wrote a long time ago before I met my wife,” he said, “and then I met her and we got married and it kept going and going.”

The gents knocked out a terrific take on Pink Floyd’s “Comfortably Numb” you’ll be hearing in an upcoming mix tape. Their punk/bluegrass take on a Dylan classic provided a ton of fun for the captive music fan: •J.D. Famoly, Wil “The Wizard” Jones & Steve-O —”Maggie’s Farm” —

The pair played together in the late-90s in Johnson’s Complaint and with that pairing they shared the stage with The Nixons and several other bands.

“You would’ve liked Johnson’s Complaint, we were a lot of fun,” Jones said. “We were a real good band.”

Band members have since gone in many different directions. For Famoly and Jones, they would reunite in Spell and rock some area stages with the best of them with Tracy Leigh Stover at the microphone. Following her passing, Jones took time away from playing music in a band, though he never stopped playing.

The pair would go on to form Snake Oil and later Sweet Mother Ruckus where they took their rock chops and gave them a countrified feel to make some really solid Americana music.

These days, Jones is out Altus way, helping take care of his parents as well as Quartz Mountain State Park. He says it’s a good life and you can tell it. When he plays music, there’s joy in virtuous fingertips. Playing with Famoly and Carr lit that spark a little higher.

Famoly said his choice of stage of late has changed. “I headline in my garage quite often,” he said, “but first, I have to push my dog out of the way.” Home does not complacency make, however.

“We’ve been working on doing a little recording,” Famoly said. “I’m constantly writing.”

After being on hundreds of area stages over the past 20 years, the pair are proud of the traditions being carried on. Famoly’s 19-year-old daughter Shiann is keeping the beat on drums with Parlor Trick, who recently released a new single. The live music legacy carries on.

“I’m glad people are out there carrying on,” Famoly said.

Devil Theory is a four-piece metal outfit from Oklahoma City featuring current and former members of Zerotheist, Avis Praeda, and The Glasgow Smile. Their debut EP ”Descension” was released May 29 and, following the band’s Oct. 5 set at the Railhead when they opened for DeadCore and Everybody Panic!, all I heard was how I missed a great debut set. Determined to rectify that, I’ve finally been able to listen to their EP. It lives up to the hype.

First track “Hallowed Witch” opens with some moody acoustic and minimal electric before dropping into a chuggy journey. The music bridges between stoner groove and late-80s Slayer. The second track, “Beneath the Tide” treks into familiary stoner rock territory with a cool, snakey riff that writhes around the Southern sludge.

The galloping guitar to open “Reverie” carries a Spanish-vibe that lives up to its title before dropping into a nice backbeat-driven pastiche of metal and rock. Closing with the over-7 minute epic “No Peace of Mind,” the band can rest sure they offered their best with their debut. With more time and experience, I can hear epic things coming from this Oklahoma City-based quartet.

You can give it a listen and purchase the album:

With Jones and Famoly’s visit for this week’s edition of ”Today’s Best Soundemonium!” with Steve Carr, a.k.a. Steve-O, and the columnist, many laughs and stories of good times shared the stage with terrific music. That’s as it should be.

Jokey took took Will Smith to task with this week’s joke set-up. Here’s the punchline:

“You look for the fresh prints.”

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