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Lawton Ballet Theatre to host haunted house and trunk-or-treat

Earlier this year, Lawton Ballet Theatre moved to a brand new location at 3510 SW J. This new building has allowed Katie Veenhuizen, the theatre’s director, to offer more classes and activities than ever before — including a bigger, better and spookier haunted house.

In 2018, the theatre held its first ever haunted house event at its former location. This year, with a large building at her disposal, Veenhuizen is planning to offer more games and activities for trick-or-treaters of all ages.

“With the increased space our haunted house is going to be huge. We have a gym that we’re turning into an auditorium later this year and we’ll be utilizing that space. Expect live actors, a twisting a turning maze, and not to know what’s real and what isn’t,” Veenhuizen said. “It will be pretty scary.”

Scary is, of course, a relative term. While some might be frightened of snakes and bugs, others might fear more abstract ideas like darkness or loss. What some find scary others might laugh at and vice-versa. It’s all down to the individual. But one thing is for sure, visitors should expect the unexpected at the theatre’s Halloween celebration.

“I wouldn’t recommend it for kids under 10 although it’s up to the parents’ discretion of course,” Veenhuizen said.

If haunted houses aren’t your scene, never fear, there will be plenty of less frightening activities and games on hand. After all, Halloween isn’t all about nightmares and ghouls. It’s also about candy. Lots of candy. More candy than one person can reasonably eat.

In addition to the haunted house, there will also be a trunk-or-treat in the parking lot for the kids — and adults if they’re so inclined — to fill up on all the sweets they can stuff in their plastic pumpkin pails.

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